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Always freeze my computer when using “miniature” function, I have to force restart my computer?!!!

One of the worst app i’ve ever used, delete this garbage quickly, and never wanna see it again. :(

Simply the most amazing app for photo effects...

This app is truly a bargain. It is the best money I have spent to date on the app store. You open your picture and are presented with about 25 different effects you may add to your photos. Handy effects for all your desktop publishing and web authoring needs. It is intuitive to use as well. As you play with all the settings of the various filters you see the changes in a preview. It doesn't commit to what you did until you hit apply. Once you hit apply you can move on to another effect. If this app had a batch mode it would be handy. As it is thought it is a true bargain. I promise you will have fun...

Very nice App

I have used it to resize, crop, sharpen, etc. It is missing a Watermark function that I'd love to see in this stable platform app. If you want to use an easy app, with a stable environment (hasn't crashed once) and easy to use, this is a good one, indeed. Again, if it had watermarking, I'd give it 5 Stars. Good luck!

Some things work, some things don't.

If they get the bugs out, this will be an excellent app, especially for the price. What I like: - the clean look (nice job!) - the price - the simplicity - the color effects, the reflection, and the spotlight work very well - perspective, flip, rotation work okay - fullscreen on Lion What I didn't like: - freezes up if I try to use too many effects on one photo - "stack" doesn't seem to work right; I can't take off an effect once I put it on, unless I use the undo button - the border goes on funny if you add it after effects that alter the shape of the photo, so make sure you put border on BEFORE other effects - the shadow looks too fake; stretch doesn't really do much - background is sometimes difficult to set (but I can pull the color from the color wheel onto the color box to get it to work) The biggest problem for me was that stack wouldn't work right. If that worked, then I would be much more satisfied and give this a higher rating.

Very good graphics app!

This is a very nice graphics app, very complete, with many good tools and effects, try it! Good Job to the developers, I thought it was going to be something just to make rainbows with! LOL

Inoperative, at least on my iMac

Cannot drag and drop files into Rainbow. iPhoto will not even open while this program is on top.

This is such a good software

You know when you wish to do some quick 3D effect for images, reflection, shadows and all this kind of things, this is the software you need. I would never even consider doing anything 3D on illustrator because I would need to become a rocket scientist for illustrtor. Bottom line, this app does the job and can used by a 2 year old. Awsome Job guys.

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